Tornado Driving Safety - Personal Injury Attorneys of Jefferson City


Along with beautiful spring sunshine and flowers, there is also the dangerous threat of tornados in the Midwest. With the ability to produce winds that rotate over 300 mph, tornados leave trails of destruction. They destroy buildings, throw debris in the air, kill livestock, and claim the lives of people.

Our personal injury attorneys want to keep you safe with these important tornado safety tips.

“When you are in your automobile during a tornado, it’s extremely important to know how to protect yourself,” Scott Mann says, personal injury attorney. “If you can see the tornado at a distance from the road, compare the tornado’s movement to a tree or telephone pole. If it’s not moving directly toward you, then you can move away from it by driving in right angles. If the tornado is moving toward you, however, do not try and outrun it.”

Find shelter immediately if a tornado is moving toward your car or truck. Pull over and seek a sturdy building for protection. Sometimes a rest stop, restaurant, or gas station is not close enough to offer shelter. If this is the case, find a ditch away from the road and flying cars. Lay down close to the ground and cover your head. You should never hide under your car or an overpass on the highway. The overpass will act as a wind funnel, which might cause it to collapse.

“If there’s a tornado heading toward your city or town, do not get in your car to outrun it,” Mike Wyatt says, personal injury attorney. “Tornados can travel over 60 mph on the ground and are unpredictable in the route they take. It’s better to seek immediate protection in your storm shelter. You do not want to get stuck in traffic while the tornado bears down on your vehicle.”

When a tornado is on top of your vehicle, pull over as quickly as possible. Stay inside your vehicle and crouch low to the floor. Cover your head and keep away from windows. To find out more about tornado road safety, contact the personal injury attorneys of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys.