Salina Attorney Spotlight: Mike Wyatt

mike wyatt

Mike Wyatt’s answer for why he decided to practice law can be found in one simple truth — helping other people is his passion. “My entire life I’ve been attracted to the underdog,” Mike says. “At Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys now serving Salina, we assist the client through a complicated insurance process and balance the power between the powerful insurance company and the vulnerable injury victim.” Mike has been celebrated by Super Lawyers Magazine, and has been victorious in litigating several multi-million dollar cases. Mike explains that “it’s not the monetary victories in themselves that define my success. What drives me is helping people recover from devastating accidents, and assisting them in reclaiming their lives and identities.”

With an inherent passion for helping others, Mike Wyatt decided that practicing law was just the chance he needed to make a positive impact.

As an accident injury lawyer, Mike is able to change the lives of the injured by using his training and education. During law school, Mike realized that he wanted to specialize in plaintiff litigation, which concentrates on the rights of the injured. Mike relocated to Wichita after graduation and began handling trucking accident cases. Because of this experience, Mike knows how insurance companies work and how to fight against their tactics. Mike eventually developed a friendship with attorney Scott Mann. The two men hit it off immediately, since they share a vision for how attorneys should use their talents for the good of the people. After a year of their first meeting, Mike joined Scott at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys and the rest is history! Mike takes care of the legal problems, so you can redirect your focus on healing and getting back to your professional, scholastic and personal lives. Mike Wyatt feels the greatest satisfaction seeing clients recover emotionally, physically and financially after an injury. He helps collect damages to pay for hospital bills (past and future), lost work wages (past and future), inconvenience, disfigurement, pain, suffering, disability, and the legal damages associated with losing a loved one. Mike also wants to ease the fears of potential clients who are afraid of the legal process. There’s nothing to be scared of. Mike’s goal is to give clients the best options for their case in order to achieve the best results. He makes time for all his clients, and relates to each on a personal level. He’s only a quick phone call away. Give Mike a ring at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys now serving Salina, and tell him all about your case!