Meet Scott Ricker - Assisted by Our Personal Injury Attorneys

construction worker

In a perfect world your workplace is a safe haven from physical injury. However, unexpected accidents do happen. Some accidents are caused by the negligence of employers who don’t value the safety of their workers. Throughout the years, Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys has seen how these accidents can instantly change a person’s life.

Scott Ricker’s case is just one of many handled by our personal injury attorneys

Scott was working construction at a Hutchinson mall when his life changed without warning. He felt a sharp pain course through his fingers, and a burning in his lumbar region. A rock had struck his tailbone, but Scott’s employer refused to provide any immediate medical treatment.

“When they finally sent me to the hospital, the doctor they chose didn’t even take X-rays,” Scott explains. “It wasn’t until I got a second opinion that they discovered a herniated disc in my back. I was unable to work, or pay hospital bills. I was also getting no help from the insurance companies. ”

Scott was referred to Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys by the doctor who diagnosed his injury. Personal injury attorney Mitch Rice was ready to take the case. The insurance companies were attempting to get Scott a surgery that wouldn’t help with his recovery. Mitch took control of the situation, and Scott was finally able to get the correct medical care.

“It wasn’t about money. It was about getting Scott healed and back to work, so he could reclaim his life,” Mitch says.

Mitch found a trusted doctor to perform the specific surgery Scott needed. He also helped find a way to take care of the hospital bills. Eventually Scott was able to get back to work — the surgery even added an extra inch to his height.

“It’s a really scary feeling when you’re hurt. It’s the worst time of your life,” Scott says, “Mitch was always there to answer questions and help me through the entire process.”

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