Physical and emotional injuries are very common for those injured in a truck accident, whether that be the semi-truck driver or the other party involved. Unfortunately, the trucking company and their insurance company will likely try to get you to settle quickly for less than you may be entitled to. That’s why you should rarely accept an insurance company’s first offer without consulting with a qualified trucking accident attorney first.

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Steps To Follow After a Wichita Semi-Truck Accident:

  1. Get medical attention immediately — Have a professional perform a proper diagnosis, even if you don’t think you were injured.
  2. Gather as much evidence as you can — Take pictures and write down notes at the crash scene, ask eyewitnesses for statements, and retain a copy of the accident report.
  3. Keep track of crash-related documentation — Hang on to your medical records, bills, bank statements showing reduced income, and vehicle repair estimates.
  4. Watch what you say before speaking to a lawyer — Avoid admitting partial fault for the accident. If you must talk to the insurance company after the wreck, you will likely benefit from seeking legal advice from an attorney first.
  5. Be careful with social media — Posting information about the accident is not a good idea. The insurance company can and will use this against you.
  6. Contact a skilled semi-truck accident lawyer — While you’re focusing on your physical recovery, an attorney can help you with your financial recovery.

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Determining Liability in Wichita Truck Accident Cases

While every Wichita semi-truck accident differs, a few parties are more likely to be liable for the crash. The four parties most commonly found to be responsible for trucking accidents in Wichita are:

  • The truck driver — Truck drivers are at fault in many crashes, as they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for keeping the truck under control. Truck drivers must be alert and attentive at all times behind the wheel. If not, they put themselves and others in grave danger given the sheer size of their trucks.
  • The trucking company — Trucking companies must ensure their drivers behave safely behind the wheel. They should also ensure drivers are fully qualified to drive a truck and can do so safely. If a trucking company fails in any of these obligations, it can be liable for an accident.
  • Maintenance crews — Maintenance crews play a critical role in preventing semi-truck accidents. If these crews don’t do their jobs properly, a worn or defective part might not be repaired or replaced, making an accident much more likely.
  • Cargo loaders — A cargo loader’s job is to ensure a truck’s payload is adequately distributed and secured. If the cargo shifts or isn’t distributed evenly, the truck’s balance can be thrown off, making it harder for the driver to control it.

Know Your Legal Rights After a Wichita Semi-Truck Accident

The best way to protect your rights after a semi-truck accident is to hire an experienced attorney. An attorney can perform an investigation of the accident while you heal from your truck accident injuries. They can determine all the liable parties and what compensation you are owed. Hiring a semi-truck accident attorney also means they can represent you in insurance settlement negotiations to give you a better chance of getting a fair deal.

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