Trucking Accident Attorneys for Truck Driver Safety in Kansas City

truck on highway

It’s a devastating incident when semi-trucks or tractor trailers crash into a smaller vehicle. Occupants of these vehicles experience physical and emotional trauma, property damage, paralysis, and sometimes even death. On the other side, truckers could lose their license and livelihood, and face large fines and jail time.

There are several safety tips that our trucking accident attorneys want truckers to remember.

  • Have a Plan
    “Many driving experts preach the importance of ‘defensive driving.’ However, this indicates reacting to situations as they come up. This means you are not taking preventative measures to control your own actions,” Scott Mann explains, trucking accident attorney. “It’s much safer to have a ‘good offense’ based on defensive driving techniques. Truck drivers need to be proactive and make safe decisions that prevent accidents, rather than reacting at the last second.”
  • Following Distance
    The majority of trucking accidents occur due to following too close. Semi-trucks are so massive that it takes at least 100 yards for them to come to a complete stop. Truckers need to be aware of following distance and maintain 3 truck lengths (a 4-second interval) between themselves and another vehicle.
  • Use Your Mirrors
    “Semi-trucks are especially vulnerable to blind-spots, which is why truck drivers need to use their mirrors at all times,” Mike Wyatt says, trucking accident attorney. “Do not change lanes without making sure it’s absolutely safe to do so. If not, you will either collide with a vehicle in your blind spot, or swerve back into your own lane to find another vehicle waiting. Either way, it’s an accident waiting to happen unless you know precisely what vehicles are in the other lane and what is behind you.”
  • Know Your Route
    Truck drivers should always know their routes, so they have a plan in case of emergencies. Avoid hitting rush hour and always have an “escape route” by knowing the location of fuel, food and rest areas. Check ahead for road conditions, construction sites, inclement weather, and anything else that might affect the safety of the drive.

Call our trucking accident attorneys today if you have been the victim of a semi-truck accident. Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys is honored to assist in your full recovery!