Attorney Spotlight: Scott Mann For Lawrence & Manhattan

scott mann

You’ll notice immediately that Scott Mann’s office has all the comforts of home, complete with welcoming chairs and family photos. There’s a determined young basketball player in one picture that looks a lot like the gentleman at the desk in front of you. Scott Mann might be a little older now, but the inner fire driving him forward has not diminished by the passage of time. After his architect father was killed in an unfortunate accident, Scott decided to practice law with the intention of making a difference. “I felt that if I had the right training and my heart was in the right place,” Scott says, “I could help other families who were going through the same thing as mine.” While others may see Scott as the lead attorney at the firm bearing his name, his clients see him as something even more important: “Scott is a friend first and a lawyer second.” It’s a view that summarizes his personal approach, as well as defining the overall philosophy of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys itself.

Prior to striking out on his own, Scott spent 15 years as a partner in a renowned Hutchinson law firm. However, Scott saw a legal need in Kansas that wasn’t being fulfilled. He noticed the majority of Kansas law firms deal specifically with their own communities or regions. This meant a large number of people weren’t being served, including the Manhattan and Lawrence areas. Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys was created to help these people as well the greater area of Kansas and surrounding regions. By fulfilling this need, Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys has greatly expanded over the years to exceed even Scott’s expectations. Even though Scott received his BA from Kansas State University, and is a 1983 Law School graduate from the University of Kansas, his heart remains in Hutchinson where his law firm continues giving back to the community.

Scott Mann is Your Local Kansas Attorney Ready to Lend a Friendly Hand

Helping the injured reclaim their livelihoods after an accident gives Scott the most satisfaction. Scott uses his experience and talents to help rebuild shattered dreams and self-esteem, so clients can return to their lives healthy and happy: “My goal is to help individuals who are struggling to support themselves and their families,” Scott says. “It’s not about the money — it’s about helping people and treating them like individuals.” The genuine long-term bond formed between Scott and his clients is something he values and honors. Scott Mann is a phone call away to lend an ear or a helping hand – there’s no formal “appointment” needed. It’s the way things always are between friends.