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Walking is the perfect way to get fresh air and save money on gas. This is why so many of us enjoy talking a leisurely stroll either for errands or exercise. Unfortunately, pedestrians are also at a high risk for traffic accidents and fatalities.

Our car accident attorneys want to help protect pedestrians with these important safety tips.

In 2012, there were 76,000 pedestrians injured and 4,743 killed in traffic accidents in the United States (Centers for Disease Control). Unfortunately, it’s an issue that refuses to go away. Every 24 hours it is estimated that 445 pedestrians are injured, while every 2 hours a pedestrian loses their life (CDC).

“While bicyclists are classified as vehicles, pedestrians are considered travelers on foot, wheelchair, stroller, and other similar transportation methods,” says Scott Mann, car accident attorney. “They are extremely vulnerable when crossing busy streets, or walking on the side of the road when no sidewalks are available. When motorists are speeding or under the influence of alcohol, then it can have tragic consequences for pedestrians.”

Pedestrians face the highest risk for accidents when attempting to cross at non-intersections, or when walking at night when visibility is low. Children are at a significant risk for automobile collisions when walking to and from school. Of the children between 5 and 15 in 2012 who were killed in traffic accidents, over 20 percent of the victims were pedestrians (CDC). Older adults are also at high risk. Those who are 65+ make up 20 percent of all pedestrian fatalities (CDC).

“Pedestrians of all ages need to take necessary safety precautions when walking near busy streets,” Mike Wyatt says, car accident attorney. “Always cross at a designated crosswalk or intersection. It’s best to use sidewalks whenever possible, but if none are available then walk on the shoulder of the road facing traffic. When walking at night, pedestrians need to do everything possible to increase their visibility with reflective clothing and flashlights.”

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