Mann, Wyatt & Rice = Scott, Mitch & Mike Your Kansas City Attorneys

mann wyatt & rice team photo

Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley isn’t a run of the mill office building where lawyers happen to practice law. It’s a firm that makes a positive difference in people’s lives, due to the combined efforts of a group of dedicated and passionate individuals. The guiding force behind these unified goals is the professional and personal synergy shared by our Kansas City attorneys. Together with the office staff, attorneys Scott Mann, Mitch Rice and Mike Wyatt work hard to fulfill a unique vision. They place the needs of the client before everything else.

Scott explains: “Our goal is to help people who are struggling to support themselves and their families. For us it’s not about winning awards or the money — it’s about helping people reclaim their lives, and treating them like individuals.”

When Scott first started the practice, Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley was a one-man operation. However, the firm grew much faster than Scott had originally imagined. In order to meet the demands of the growing case load, he brought on two talented young attorneys in Mitch and Mike. Collectively, all three men have a unique synergy that makes Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley greater than the sum of its parts.

Scott explains: “We have 3 quality Kansas City attorneys of different ages and experiences.

We put our 45 years of combined legal experience together to determine the best strategy to take on each case.”

Scott, Mitch and Mike have won countless professional accolades and awards over the years. However, this success has not taken the focus away from their mission. Their number one passion remains helping others. At Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley, the needs of the client are the top priority. “It’s all about righting a wrong, and finding justice for those who can’t help themselves,” says Mitch.

The passion for helping others is shared by the entire team at Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley. Our office culture is built on a camaraderie that extends to each client. The front office, legal assistants and paralegals are all dedicated to achieving a client’s complete recovery.

Scott, Mitch and Mike also enjoy family life and the community. All three men share a personal friendship outside of the office. They often get together for racquetball, golf, and family outings. Call your Kansas City attorneys today and get to know us a little better. It would be an honor to serve you and your case!