Don't be Afraid to Contact our McPherson, KS Lawyers

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When a severe injury or accident takes place, many people don’t pursue legal action because of fear. Due to inaccurate negative depictions of lawyers and the legal process, there are injured people who don’t get the help they need. The truth of the matter is that attorneys aren’t scary people — they’re just like you! They simply want to help you get back on your feet by using their training and expertise!

The McPherson Kansas lawyers of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys know the tricks of insurance companies. Insurance companies try to convince injured victims that it’s morally wrong to bring a claim against an offending party. However, this is a distorted view of the legal system. Mike Wyatt helped a recent client see this for themselves. The client was initially afraid to pursue rightful damages against the responsible party, because of what they perceived as a “moral dilemma.” Mike showed them that it’s not about going after a liable party with malicious intent. It’s about winning fair and just compensation for the injured so they can make a full recovery.

Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys has a “down to earth” approach when it comes to practicing law. We want to make the complex legal process as comfortable as possible for our clients. “People aren’t required to hire us after a consult and there’s no bill,” Scott Mann says. “There’s no pressure or strings attached if you visit us. We simply want to inform you of your legal rights, so you can make an educated decision about your next plan of action.”

Our McPherson Kansas lawyers make it a priority to build a personal relationship with each client.

We also keep the lines of communication open throughout the entire process. “I would encourage anyone to use Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys,” explains Frank (a client). “They’re good, ethical people who are here to help you. I’ve had experiences with other lawyers where I had to push for communication, but Mike is always professional and promptly answers my questions.”

The same sentiments are shared by many other clients regarding Scott, Mike, and Mitch. “At first I was scared to talk to a lawyer. You think of attorneys as ‘uptight’ or distant,” says Louise, a client. “Scott is genuinely friendly and down to earth. He takes away the fear and discusses complex issues so they are easy to understand. He’s a friend first and a lawyer second.”

Call our McPherson Kansas lawyers so we can talk about your case in more detail. We would be honored to serve you!