Salina Attorney Spotlight: Mitch Rice

mitch rice

Mitchell Rice knows that some people slip through the cracks of the legal system. That’s why he’s here to help the forgotten find the justice they deserve. “I’m making the most difference when I take an injured client’s denied case and turn it into a success story,” he says. There’s no denying Mitch’s professional achievements, but awards do not define his success. Mitch Rice’s passion is for righting a wrong and giving a voice to those who can’t help themselves.

Before attending law school, Mitch worked at an insurance company as an adjuster who dealt with personal injury claims. The experience opened Mitch’s eyes to how insurance companies weren’t in the business to help people in need — it was all about saving money. Mitch wanted to make a difference, and so he entered law school after being encouraged by retired judge and WSU professor Fred Benson. Mitch had a talent for law at an early age and graduated from the Washburn University School of Law in 2002. As a professional attorney, Mitch immediately began working on a wide variety of case-types. He was finally able to fulfill his passion for helping the injured. Because of his valuable experience working for an insurance company, Mitch is able to better protect his clients from their unfair tactics. Ten years into his career, Mitch met fellow Hutchinson native and attorney Scott Mann. Both men held the same unified ideals and shared a unique vision for helping others.

Mitch Rice joined the team at Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley: “If someone needs help, we help,” explains Mitch. “It isn’t about the money.”

There have been countless cases in Mitch’s career. However, the cases that stand out the most are those involving children. They are the ones who need the most help. When adults can’t get the job done, Mitch steps in to rectify the situation. One instance concerned an injured 2-year-old girl who fell from a horse. Her case had been denied several times and her family had nowhere else to turn. Mitch took her denied case and turned it into a success story. The girl made a full recovery, her medical bills were paid, and her family gained a life-long friend in Mitch. It’s this personal touch to law and a genuine concern for clients, which makes Mitch such a success. Each and every one of Mitch’s clients are treated with the humanity and respect they deserve. He keeps the lines of communication open and always makes himself available. That’s why every client has Mitch’s personal cell number. Contact Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley for Salina today and meet Mitch Rice. He wants to help you find the justice you deserve!