Great Bend Attorney Spotlight: Mitch Rice

mitch rice

There are people out there who are forgotten by the legal system. Mitchell Rice, however, has a passion for helping these people find justice. “I feel I’m making the most difference when I take an injured client’s denied case and turn it into a success story,” he says. Mitch has been recognized by his peers for his professional achievements, but that’s not the driving force behind his success. Mitch Rice’s calling is for righting a wrong for clients who have nowhere else to turn.

Prior to law school, Mitch worked at an insurance company as an insurance adjuster who handled personal injury claims. He saw exactly how insurance companies operated and how they valued saving money over helping people. Mitch decided to follow his passion and enter law school.

Mitch Rice was encouraged by retired judge and WSU professor Fred Benson who recognized Mitch’s talent for law.

After graduating from the Washburn University School of Law in 2002, Mitch began his career as an attorney and handled a wide variety of cases. Thanks to his days working for an insurance company, Mitch knows exactly how to protect his clients from dishonest tricks. After a decade serving injured clients as a professional lawyer, Mitch met fellow Hutchinson native Scott Mann and joined Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley. Both men have a passion for helping others and share a unified goal: “If someone needs help, we help. It isn’t about the money.”

Mitch has litigated numerous cases in his career, but the ones that really stand out are those that involve children. There was a girl only 2-years-old who fell from a horse and suffered serious injury. Amazingly, no one would take her case. The little girl and her family were denied legal representation. Mitch was her family’s last hope. He turned her denied case into a success story. The girl recovered, her hospital bills were paid, and her family has a friendship with Mitch that is still going strong to this day. It is the way Mitch treats every client with humanity and respect that makes him a success. Every one of Mitch’s clients has his personal cell number, and he keeps his door and phone line open for any questions or concerns. It’s time to call Mitch Rice at Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley for Great Bend so he can assist you with your case. He wants to help!