Who Can Qualify as a Witness After a Car Accident in Kansas?

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Witnesses play a critical role in Kansas car accident lawsuits. When the parties involved in the accident cannot agree on what happened, an outside observer may offer an unbiased account that makes it easier to determine who is liable. But qualifying as a witness is not always easy, and the courts do not treat all witnesses the same.

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Can a Relative or Friend Be a Witness to a Car Accident?

Friends and family members can qualify as witnesses in a Kansas car accident case. The critical factor is showing the potential witness can provide unbiased testimony. Friends and relatives must be careful to provide neutral, factual observations about the case. A witness’s biased testimony could ultimately hurt your case.

One thing to remember about using friends and relatives as witnesses is that they do not necessarily have to have seen the crash. Relatives and friends can also be character witnesses in a car accident case. While character witnesses are not as critical as eyewitnesses, their testimony can speak to the losses you suffered due to the accident.

Can a Passenger Be a Witness in a Car Accident Case?

Passengers are allowed to testify as witnesses after a car accident. As with relatives and friends, passengers must show they can provide unbiased, credible testimony about the crash. However, their testimony may be of limited value if they did not see exactly how the crash played out.

What Makes for a Credible Witness in a Car Accident Case?

A witness’ testimony in court can have a major impact on the outcome of a car accident case. Here are a few things a car accident witness can do to appear credible when testifying:

  • Dress appropriately for court hearings
  • Be courteous and respectful at all times, especially toward the judge and the attorneys
  • Stay calm throughout your testimony
  • Do not lie or exaggerate about what happened in the crash
  • Think carefully before you say anything
  • Do not speculate about questions you do not know the answers to
  • Do not volunteer any more information than you are asked to provide
  • Do not discuss the case in public until it is over

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