5 Ways a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

injured person

Car accidents can leave you with devastating injuries, cost you thousands of dollars in medical and repair bills, and significantly harm your mental health. Depending on the accident, these effects may impact you for the rest of your life.

Some of the significant effects of car accidents include the following:

Long-Term, Life-Changing Injuries

If you are lucky, you may escape a car accident with a few bumps and bruises. However, many people involved in accidents are not so fortunate. Car accidents can cause injuries that permanently impact essential bodily functions, such as:

Depending on your injuries, you may never be able to walk again or perform certain activities. You may even need professional help to take care of yourself.

Emotional Damage After a Wreck

Beyond debilitating physical injuries, many car accidents take a significant mental and emotional toll. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions are common after severe car accidents. You may need mental health counseling for years after a crash and suffer symptoms such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Suicidal thoughts

Costs of Repairs and Getting Around After an Accident

Car accidents are expensive. Depending on the accident’s severity, you may be left with thousands of dollars in repair bills or have to replace your vehicle altogether. You will also need to find a way to get around while you repair or replace your vehicle, which can burden your family and friends.

Missed Work and All the Doctor Appointments

In addition to the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle after a car accident, there are two other significant expenses you will have to deal with. The first is all the wages you will miss while you are healing. Being unable to work for weeks or months after a collision could significantly drain your finances.

On top of that, you will need to figure out how to pay your medical bills. Concerningly, medical debt is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy in the United States.

Negotiating with Insurance Adjusters

When you purchase an insurance policy, you do so with the expectation that the insurance provider will be there when you need help. However, many insurers will fight a claim to avoid paying it and save some money.

You may eventually recover the money you need from an insurance company. But it could take weeks or months of back-and-forth negotiations before you receive a check. In the meantime, you could face intense financial pressures, leading to severe anxiety and other problems.

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