Wichita, Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys: What Should I Do If I Am Contacted By The Truck Driver’s Insurance Company?

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The Kansas Department of Transportation’s latest statistics show that nearly 700 fatal and injury crashes involving large trucks occurred on Kansas roadways in 2017. A collision with a large truck can be a harrowing experience with life-altering consequences. After surviving an accident with a large truck, you may be contacted by the truck driver’s insurance company. While they may try to convince you that they have your best interest at heart, the truth is they don’t.

“The truck driver’s insurance company is not your friend or your advocate,” said Scott Mann, personal injury attorney at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys. “In fact, they are very much the opposite.”

According to Mann, the trucker’s insurance company will tell you they need to document what occurred in the accident. Mann says they want to find any way to reduce their responsibility in the accident and diminish your claim. So if you do speak with the other insurance company, make sure you guard what you say because they can and will use it against you.

“If you become a client of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, we’ll advise strongly that you don’t speak with the other insurance company at all unless an attorney is present to protect your rights,” Mann said.

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