FAQ: What Are The Top Causes of Big Trucking Accidents in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?

With several major highways cutting through Oklahoma City and the surrounding area comes increased large commercial truck traffic. These trucks have the potential to cause devastating injuries or even death in a crash with a passenger vehicle. Because of that, fault must be assessed after an accident occurs.

“Truckers are supposed to be professional drivers,” Mike Wyatt, a truck accident attorney at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, said. “They can and should be held to a higher standard.”

However, professional truck drivers may drive impaired due to sleep deprivation or overwork, may become complacent or inattentive due to the frequency with which a truck driver travels, may become inattentive due to cell phone use, including talking on the phone, text messaging or even utilizing social media, or may be driving an improperly maintained truck.

According to Wyatt, the comparative fault of the trucking company must also be determined. Did they ask the driver to work too many hours and modify the logs? Did they ensure proper truck maintenance? These questions help assess the trucking company’s level of culpability compared to yours and that of others involved in the accident.

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