FAQ: Are There Time Limits for When I Can File a Personal Injury Claim in Wichita, Kansas?

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Wichita, Kansas, is home to nearly 400,000 people. Additionally, there are many nearby small towns and suburbs, including Park City, Bel Aire, Andover, Derby, Goddard, and Maize. With the bustling nature of a large city, Wichita area residents experience their share of personal injuries ranging from traffic accident injuries to workplace injuries.

If you’ve experienced such an injury in the Wichita area, you may be wondering if there are time limits for when you can file a personal injury claim?

According to Wichita personal injury attorney, Mike Wyatt of the Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, time limits for filing a personal injury claim depend on the state. The time limit is also referred to as the statute of limitations, which is defined as a period of limitation for bringing legal action.

Personal Injury Claims in Wichita, Kansas

There is no distinction between personal injury cases and medical negligence cases. Such cases generally have a two-year statute of limitations. The time “begins” at the date of injury.

“There is a concept called the statute of repose,” said Wyatt. “If there’s some reason you couldn’t have brought the claim within the statute of limitations, you may still bring the claim within the statute of repose if it meets the exceptions.”

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