5 Common Car Accident Injuries - Kansas City, MO

auto accident head injury

Jackson County led Missouri in traffic fatalities in 2014, so an auto accident in Kansas City, MO is no rare sight to most. If you happen to be involved in a collision — even if it doesn’t seem serious on the surface — you’re likely walking away with some form of injury. From physical to emotional, these injuries can leave scars that last a lifetime. Even if your injury falls into one of the following common categories, it’s still serious enough to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO.


Even people wearing a seat belt can easily sustain a head injury in an auto accident. Anyone who takes a knock to the head is likely to at least end up with a concussion. Fortunately, most individuals experience no long-term effects after suffering this injury once, but in some cases, you could develop post-concussion syndrome. This could result in anything from headaches to mental health issues.

If you experience any symptoms after an auto accident in Kansas City, MO, seek medical attention immediately. Concussions can worsen, and there’s a chance you may have also suffered a brain injury or internal bleeding.


Whiplash is one of the few injuries that can immediately affect several parts of your body. Neck pain is all too common with the condition, but your back could also suffer damage to the ligaments and muscles. Unfortunately, you don’t even need to be involved in a serious accident to suffer whiplash. Most of these injuries occur in wrecks where cars are traveling less than 14 mph.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are also a common outcome to a car accident. For far too many people, experiencing spinal damage in a Kansas City, MO auto accident means meeting with their personal injury attorney at Saint Luke’s.

Herniated disks are quite common, and although they can result in weakness, pain and numbness in your extremities, they may also show no symptoms at all. Damage to your spinal column, however, can result in paralysis and eventually a life-threatening condition known as sepsis, or blood poisoning.

Fractured Facial Bones

Although not often life-threatening, injuries to the face are very common in car accidents and can result in the most obvious damage. A person’s face is the first thing we see, and any damage, ranging from broken bones to a fractured orbital socket, will result in swelling, redness and pain.

Fractured and broken facial bones are often accompanied by lacerations, any of which can cause damage that could require plastic surgery to repair. People injured in Kansas City, MO car accidents have various options for this, including the University of Kansas, but these surgeries can cost thousands of dollars.

Driver Anxiety

The scariest part about auto accidents is that even if you don’t suffer a physical injury, it doesn’t mean you didn’t sustain scars. Millions of people experience psychological issues after being involved in a car accident, and driver anxiety is one of the most common. Individuals suffering from this condition can have panic attacks merely from the thought of driving.

This means a person cannot drive, which could ruin their professional, academic and social lives. They could end up spending years in therapy or require medication to overcome this issue, and some people are even more unfortunate due to the potential of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. In any of these situations, you should seek out a Kansas City, MO personal injury lawyer immediately.

If you’ve experienced an auto accident in Kansas City, even if you don’t think you’re eligible for compensation, you should contact an attorney immediately. The aforementioned injuries, along with countless others, can interfere with every aspect of your life. It requires money to fully recover from these injuries, and you shouldn’t have to face this alone.