7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers in Jefferson City

truck on highway

Long-haul trucking is vital to our economy – hauling goods that are the very fabric of our daily lives. But the sheer size and volume of vehicles on America’s highways boost the risk of truck-related accidents. At Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, your Jefferson City personal injury attorney, many of our clients are injured by negligent professional truck drivers. So here are some steps that truck drivers can take to avoid collisions.

Watch your blind spots

Many motorists may not be aware of the places you can’t see. So be sure to closely check all blind spots before any sort of maneuver.

Watch the weather

Rough weather significantly increases your risk of an accident. Reduced visibility, slippery roads and bad drivers makes your chance of an accident in rain, snow or sleet much higher.

Use caution in work zones

Approximately one-third of all fatal work-zone accidents involve large trucks. Taking your time and an extra-watchful eye can hopefully help drop that statistic over the next few years.

Load wisely

The higher the load, the more drag you’ll have on your truck. By stacking lower and spreading the weight more evenly, you’ll stay agile and save fuel.

Slow down for curves

Sometimes, even the posted speed can be a little quick for certain loads. So when hitting corners and exit ramps, be sure to take it slow for the sake of you, your load and everyone around.

Maintain yourself

You spend so much time and money maintaining your truck, but the most important aspect is you. Getting good sleeping, eating right, getting exercise when you get the chance and spending quality time at home are all necessary to the safety of yourself and everyone else on the road.

Maintain your truck

Give it a thorough check each morning – especially your brakes, there’s a lot riding on those. Be sure to report anything unusual to dispatch right away and begin the repair process as soon as possible.

Even if you’ve been on the road for decades, it’s good to get a refresher course every once in awhile. But even if you follow every rule in the book, accidents can happen. So If you find yourself in need of legal help due to an accident, the expert legal team at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys can help. With decades of experience, they’re here to get you back on the road and making a living in no time.