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After the snow and ice of winter melts away, it’s understandable for drivers to think that road conditions automatically improve. However, the warm weather and sunshine hides the fact that the springtime is just as dangerous for drivers. Our car accident attorneys have seen over the years how tragic accidents are caused by unpredictable springtime weather. The frequency of auto accidents during this time of year is due to increased ground precipitation, and other unique factors associated with the spring season.

“Many drivers underestimate road conditions in the springtime, which can lead to tragic consequences,” Scott Mann explains, car accident attorney. “There is an increase of severe inclement weather in the spring. There are more rain showers, thunderstorms, hail, and flooding. More water on the ground usually results in slippery road surfaces, which can lead to more auto accidents.”

According to the Federal Highway Administration, nearly 50 percent of all weather-related auto accidents were caused by rainfall between 2002 and 2012. Springtime sees an increase of flooding and rainstorms, which creates slippery road surfaces. More water on the road decreases the traction of tires. This results in more cases of hydroplaning, difficulty stopping, and other driving hazards.

The wintertime has a brutal affect on road surfaces. There are more cracks and potholes in the springtime thanks to damage caused by snow plows, sand, salt, and ice. There is also an increase in the activity of animals, bicycles, runners, and pedestrians due to the warmer weather. During dusk and dawn especially, motorists need to be aware of these pedestrians to avoid collisions.

“Motorists during the springtime need to take precautions to better ensure their safety,” Mike Wyatt explains, car accident attorney.

“Make sure your headlights and wiper blades are working properly to increase visibility. Your tire pressure will also be low due to the cold winter temperatures, so make sure your tires are safely inflated. When it’s raining, decrease your speed so you can stop on time and avoid collisions.”

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