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Unfortunately accidents can come out of nowhere and change our lives. Personal injury is a traumatic life event that causes severe physical and emotional suffering. These injuries can result in significant time away from work, large hospital bills, and other expenses related to the accident. Among the most common types of personal injuries are auto accident injury and workers compensation.

It’s a tragic situation that our attorneys practicing in Kansas City have seen far too often.

Since there are millions of motorists in the US, it’s no coincidence that auto accident injury is the most common type of personal injury. Whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian you can be the victim of an auto accident injury. Negligent and reckless drivers cause accidents by speeding, or driving while intoxicated or distracted. The result of this careless behavior has a devastating impact on the lives of victims.

“The average person has no idea what they’ll face after an auto accident. It isn’t about you. There are so many other people involved — ambulances, anesthesiologists, auto mechanics, etc . . .,” Frank explains, attorney Mike Wyatt’s client. “If you don’t have legal representation, insurance companies can do whatever they want to you.”

Workers comp is another frequently occurring personal injury that our attorneys practicing in Kansas City have years of litigation experience. Your job should be an environment where you feel safe and protected. However, many workers are injured when employers are either negligent or knowingly irresponsible with their safety standards. Injured workers are not given the fair compensation or medical treatment they deserve to reclaim their lives.

“There are a lot of people who get lost in the legal system of corporate America,” explains Scott Mann, attorney practicing in Kansas City. “Our goal is to enforce the rights of injured people. We want to restore their self-worth and self-esteem by giving them new opportunities to get their lives back on track.”

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