Attorneys Practicing in Wichita Against Common Personal Injury Accidents

car accident

Accidents happen in an instant and dramatically affect our lives. They can cause personal injuries that result in serious emotional and physical trauma. Victims can’t work, pay medical bills, or provide for their families due to their injuries. It’s an unforgiving chain of events that Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys sees on a regular basis.

Workers compensation and auto accident injury are the most common personal injury cases handled by our attorneys practicing in Wichita.

There are millions of licensed drivers in the United States. It should be no surprise that the most common type of personal injury is auto accident injury. These accidents are commonly caused by reckless drivers who ignore basic traffic rules. A large number of auto accident injuries are also caused by intoxicated or distracted drivers. Drivers, passengers, or pedestrians can all be victims of an auto accident injury. The results are often tragic.

“The average person has no idea what they’ll face after an auto accident. It isn’t about you. There are so many other people involved — ambulances, anesthesiologists, auto mechanics, etc . . .,” says Frank, a client of attorney Mike Wyatt. “If you don’t have legal representation, insurance companies can do whatever they want to you.”

Another common type of personal injury in which our attorneys practicing in Wichita have years of experience is workers compensation. You should feel safe from injury at work, but this isn’t always the case. Workers can be knowingly placed in harmful situations by employers, or forced to work in unregulated conditions. A severe injury often means that workers are unable to earn a living. However, many don’t receive the fair compensation or medical treatment they need for a recovery.

“There are a lot of people who get lost in the legal system of corporate America,” says Scott Mann, attorney practicing in Wichita. “Our goal is to enforce the rights of injured people. We want to restore their self-worth and self-esteem by giving them new opportunities to get their lives back on track.”

Please call Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys if you have been injured in a personal injury accident. It is our honor to serve you and your case!