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The lives of car accident victims are suddenly changed without warning. It is a traumatic ordeal that makes you feel confused and overwhelmed. The experience can leave you with serious physical injury, emotional trauma, and expensive automobile damages. It’s a time when insurance companies are expected to help victims pay hospital bills, car repairs, and other accident-related expenses. However, the goals of insurance companies are not to help people. They want to save themselves money. In doing so, they deny victims the compensation they so desperately need to make a full recovery.

“The average person has no idea what they’ll face after an accident. It isn’t about you. There are so many other people involved — ambulances, anesthesiologists, auto mechanics, etc . . .,” explains Frank, client of attorney Mike Wyatt. “If you don’t have legal representation, insurance companies can do whatever they want to you.”

Unfortunately many victims are unable work due to the injuries they suffered in the accident. They are unable to make a living, let alone pay enormous medical expenses or fix their damaged automobile. At Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, we know all the tactics insurance companies use to deny auto accident victims money.

Our Kansas City auto accident attorneys are determined to make these insurance companies honor their responsibilities.

“I started receiving enormous bills the day after I left the hospital,” Frank explains. “After I signed with Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys the bills stopped.”

We will pursue legal action by filing a claim if a settlement with insurance companies can’t be reached. Our Kansas City auto accident attorneys have decades of experience in successful litigation in auto accident claims. We are here to help you through this complicated legal process so you can reclaim your life.

Louise, a client, explains: “They take away the fear and discuss complex issues so they’re easy to understand. Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys helped us through a terrible time in our lives.”

Contact our Kansas City auto accident attorneys today and tell us the details of your circumstances. We are ready to serve you and your case!