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statement of personal injury

Accidents have a nasty habit of occurring at the worst times possible. They can happen just about anywhere and result in terrible injuries. Another truth about accidents is that they’re not always your fault. Sometimes accidents are due to the negligence of a second party. When this happens, you are most likely due legal damages for your emotional and physical injuries.

At Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, our Great Bend Personal Injury Law attorneys have a long history of success in winning personal injury claims. The goal isn’t to sue a second party unfairly. The purpose is to help you reclaim your life after an injury by winning you fair compensation.

The lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys are specialists in a number of case types involving personal injury law.

Auto accidents are the most common types of personal injury. If you were a pedestrian, passenger or driver and were injured by a driver who was reckless enough to endanger your life, then you have been the victim of a personal injury. Our Great Bend Personal Injury Law attorneys, Scott Mann, Mike Wyatt and Mitch Rice, have seen firsthand how tragic auto accidents have impacted the lives of our clients.

Another area of our expertise are cases involving product liability claims. These case-types usually involve the malfunctioning of machinery or a product that results in an injury. Some examples include the breaking of an oil rig clasp or a crane collapsing on a job site. Manufacturers knowingly shipped these defective products instead of fixing or recalling them. The price of saving a few dollars results in innocent people losing their health, jobs and in some cases even their lives. The Personal Injury Law attorneys of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys fight hard so you can get back to work and reclaim your life. It is our goal to win you damages for medical bills (past and future), lost wages at work (past and future), property damage, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and rehabilitative care. Contact the Great Bend personal injury law attorneys at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys so we can get started on your case today!