Attorney Spotlight: Scott Mann for Great Bend

scott mann

Scott Mann’s office is filled with the personable comforts of home — plush chairs and pictures of family. You might notice a particular young man in a basketball photo smiling back with a look of determination on his face. He’s also the same man sitting in the desk across from you. Scott Mann might be a little older now, but he hasn’t lost any of the fire that continues to drive his passion for life. Others might view Scott as the founder of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, but his clients see him as so much more: “Scott is a friend first and a lawyer second.” This statement not only defines his approach to law, but also the core values of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys itself. The motivation behind Scott’s entry into the legal arena is rooted in the untimely death of his architect father due to an accident. According to Scott: “I felt that if I had the right training and my heart was in the right place, I could help other families who were going through the same thing as mine.”

Scott’s vision for creating Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys resulted from a need in the greater Kansas region, including Great Bend, for qualified attorneys. He had served 15 years as a partner in a prominent Hutchinson law firm, but it was time for a change. It was commonplace for the majority of Kansas law firms to focus their practices on their specific communities. But what about people who fell outside of the jurisdiction of towns and cities? Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys fills this need as Scott continues to watch his law firm expand far past his original expectations. Scott received his BS in Business Administration from K-State in 1983, and his Juris Doctorate three years later from the University of Kansas School of Law. However, Scott hasn’t forgotten about Hutchinson where he was born and raised.

Scott Mann is Your Local Kansas Attorney Ready to Lend a Friendly Hand to Great Bend Residents

If there’s one aspect of his job that Scott enjoys above everything else, it’s helping injured clients reclaim their livelihoods. It’s his job to help restore their self-esteem and take care of legal troubles so they can focus on getting their lives in order. Scott’s goal is “to help individuals who are struggling to support themselves and their families,” he explains. “It’s not about the money — it’s about helping people and treating them like individuals.” The long-term relationship developed between Scott and his clients is something he doesn’t take lightly. The voice of each and every client is heard and respected. Scott Mann is always generous with his time, whether it’s answering a phone call or seeing a client who doesn’t have an appointment. It’s how friends look after each other.