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When your automobile collides with a semi-truck or tractor trailer, the result can be devastating. A “large truck” is defined by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a truck that weighs over 10,000 pounds. When it’s in an accident with a much smaller vehicle, the result is often severe injury or death. In 2012, the NHTSA stated that 317,000 large trucks were involved in accidents in the United States. This resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries. The Manhattan and Lawrence Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys have handled countless trucking accident cases over the years. To comprehend why these accidents are so common, we need to look at some of the factors that play a part in trucking accidents.

Our Manhattan and Lawrence Trucking Accident Lawyers Typically See These Factors Contributing to Trucking Accidents

The weight of the truck’s cargo contributes to the regularity of trucking accidents. Often times, large trucks are improperly loaded with weight distributed unevenly. This makes it almost impossible for a tractor trailer to stay in one lane, let alone stay vertical when it’s been loaded haphazardly. Big rigs and other large trucks are also not consistently inspected for maintenance. This results in large trucks malfunctioning during crucial times simply because they don’t follow basic industry safety standards. Horrifying accidents occur because these large trucks are driving with defective brakes and bad tires.

Snow, rain and ice combined with a big rig with defective tires is a recipe for catastrophe. Inclement weather seriously affects the ability of large trucks to safely drive down the road. Their reaction time is much slower. Unfortunately, truck driver error is the number one cause of trucking accidents. Truck drivers spend endless stretches on the road without sufficient rest. They’re faced with short delivery deadlines and are usually pressed for time. The exhaustion and fatigue they experience (combined sometimes substance abuse), results in needless risks and the incapability to judge the depth of traffic. When they encounter other vehicles, the results are often tragic. Contact the professional Manhattan and Lawrence Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys if you’ve been involved in an accident. Our Manhattan and Lawrence Trucking Accident Lawyers are ready to fight for your case!

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