Hutchinson Lawyers - What Separates Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys from the Rest

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There is a sea of Hutchinson lawyers to choose from when it comes to car accident law. Most lawyers or law firms now purport to represent injured victims in auto accident and personal injury cases. What the average Kansan may not realize, though, is that these lawyers also represent clients in many other areas including wills and estates, criminal law, divorce and child custody, or even insurance practice and insurance defense. Attorneys who represent auto accident victims and insurance companies work on both sides of the fence, serving insurance companies in one case, and injury victims in others. This practice of “serving two masters” (albeit different cases) has been heavily criticized due to the concern that active insurance defense attorneys will be perceived as beholden to insurance companies, who often make up a significant portion of the insurance defense lawyer’s practice.

Our Hutchinson Lawyers only focus on your rights

At Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, our firm is dedicated SOLELY to the rights of injured victims. Although all of our attorneys have significant experience in earlier parts of their careers representing insurance companies and defendants in auto accident cases, we only use this prior experience to benefit our injury victim clients through our acute knowledge of how the claims are defended and analyzed by the other side. If you want an injury lawyer that is unequivocally dedicated to YOUR interests as an accident victim, call your Hutchinson Injury Firm today at 877-768-2400. The consultation is free and our fees are only based on a contingency—if we win for you. You’ll see how we built our reputation; not on advertising or insurance practice, but high-caliber client service for Kansas personal injury and auto accident victims.