Kansas City, MO, Personal Injury Attorneys : Is It Worth It To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

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Personal injuries can occur as a result of many different incidents, including car accidents, work injuries, and accidents involving large trucks.

Whether your injuries are severe or mild, they can have lasting effects on your life. From losing income by missing work to permanent loss of mobility, the impact of a personal injury has the potential to be physically and financially devastating.

Independent legal resource enjuris.com says that in the state of Missouri, you have five years after an incident occurs to file a personal injury claim. But that process can be hindered when bills start flooding in soon after receiving treatment for personal injury, adding to an already overwhelming situation.

While you expect insurance companies to help with the costs, Mike Wyatt, personal injury attorney at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, warns, “Insurance companies who attempt to settle cases often try to do it as quickly and inexpensively as they can.”

Wyatt explains you only get one chance to settle your personal injury case. Once a case is settled, it can’t be settled again, so it’s worth it to hire a personal injury attorney to help you maximize the value of your case.

“Our job as personal injury lawyers is to consider all the potential expenses that you have now and the expenses you might have in the future to maximize recovery from the insurance company,” Wyatt said.

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Personal injuries can come with a litany of physical, mental, and emotional issues. If you’ve sustained a personal injury in the Kansas City area, call the attorneys at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys today. With more than 75 years of combined litigation experience, they will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for the aftermath of your personal injury including medical treatment, rehabilitative care, lost wages from time take off work, future lost income for disabling injuries, property damage, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

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