FAQ: Am I Entitled to Wage Loss Payments While I am Off Work in Springfield, Missouri?

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As the third largest city in the state of Missouri, Springfield is a metropolis with many corporations and thousands of employees. Along with its large size come many work injury incidents. If you are in the Springfield, Missouri, area, and you have suffered a personal injury at work, the law office of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys wants you to know that you are entitled to wage loss payments while you are off work.

“You are entitled to Temporary Total Disability (TDD) if your doctor takes you off work completely or you’re so restricted your employer says they don’t have work for you,” said personal injury attorney Mitch Rice, founding partner of Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys Midwest Personal Injury Firm.

According to Rice, another common situation is when an injured employee returns to work, but they are not earning a full wage. This is referred to as Temporary Partial Disability, and in these cases, the employee is owed the difference in wages.

Labor laws may vary by state, but the Missouri Department of Labor cites the following disability compensation benefit categories:

  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD): Paid when an employee, due to their injury, is unable to work and make a living for a period of time
  • Temporary Partial Disability: Paid when the injured employee returns to work light or modified duty at a lower wage
  • Permanent Total Disability: Paid when an employee, due to their injury, is completely and permanently unable to make a living
  • Permanent Partial Disability: Paid when an employee sustains complete or partial loss of use of a body part due to a job-related injury

Are You Off Work Due to a Personal Injury That Occurred at Work in Springfield, Missouri?

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