The 7 Worst Things to Do to Your Car in St. Joseph, MO

car on road

You might think that as long as you are a safe driver, you can avoid getting into accidents and needing to hire an attorney that handles car accident cases. However, poor driving isn’t the only cause of accidents. Poor car maintenance can also lead to collisions, as poorly maintained cars can behave erratically on the road. Here are seven maintenance mistakes you’re probably making, any of which could lead to your needing to hire an attorney that handles car accident cases.

1. Putting Off Recommended or Scheduled Maintenance

The key to car maintenance is regularity. You should get your car serviced on a regular schedule to ensure it is still running well. If you skip these maintenance checks, you could find yourself broken down on the freeway, where there’s a risk of other drivers running into your vehicle. Mark scheduled maintenance tasks, such as getting the oil changed or the tires rotated, on your calendar so you don’t forget about them.

2. Ignoring the “Check Engine” Light

The “check engine” light is there for a reason; it lets you know when you’re about to run into trouble. Despite the dangers, many drivers ignore this vital warning sign. Don’t wait until your engine blows up on you; take your car to a trusted repair shop as soon as you see the “check engine” light on your dashboard.

3. Not Changing the Oil

Oil performs a very important function in a car; it ensures your engine works correctly. You need to change regular oil once every three months and synthetic oil every six months. Forgetting to change the oil can make your car less efficient and can even lead to its breaking down while you are driving.

4. Not Checking Tire Pressure

Tire pressure might seem like a minor detail, but it can drastically affect the performance of your car. If your tire pressure is too low, your braking distance will increase, making it more likely that you will get into an accident. Low tire pressure is also a problem in wet weather, as it increases the risk of hydroplaning on the wet road surface.

5. Trying to Service Your Own High-Tech Vehicle

Many modern vehicles include a lot of sophisticated technology. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to repair your car, as you don’t have access to the advanced equipment that repair shops use to diagnose and fix problems. Servicing your own vehicle won’t help you save money if it leads to your needing to hire a St. Joseph, Missouri, attorney that handles car accident cases, so resist the temptation to pinch pennies and instead take your car to a qualified mechanic.

6. Having Unqualified Shops Service Your Vehicle

Simply taking your car to any old repair shop isn’t good enough; you need to check the credentials of the mechanics who will be working on your vehicle. Choose a repair shop that has good reviews and experience of working on cars similar to yours.

7. Continuing to Drive When the Vehicle Is Overheating

Driving an overheated car can destroy the engine. If your car begins to overheat on a hot day in St. Joseph, Missouri, the first thing you should do is turn off the air conditioning to give the engine a break. If the car is still overheating, you’ll need to pull over to allow it to cool down. Take the chance to grab yourself a coffee and stretch your legs while you wait for the temperature to return to a safe range.

If you’ve been in a car accident, hiring an attorney will allow you to deal with all the other matters in life without having to worry about compromising your legal claim. Call the Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys for advice about your auto accident claim today.