The Worst Days for Driving in St. Joseph


Being on the road always has inherent risk. But there are certain days throughout the year when you should pay extra attention. Here are the top days to heighten your defensive driver senses to avoid your chance of a car accident in St. Joseph.

The start of daylight savings time

It’s hard not to feel a little tired and thrown off by the beginning of daylight savings time – the perfect time for you, and others, to make mistakes.

Black Friday

The stampede can often spill out into the streets. Never get between a mother and this year’s big gift, or her path to get to that gift. It’s best to take it slow and remain calm.

Friday the 13th

Insurance companies have actually proven that accidents go up roughly 13 percent on this unlucky day. Wait, 13 percent…maybe it’s best to just stay home.

New Year’s Day

Consistently one of the top five deadly days of the year to be in a moving vehicle. And, obviously, alcohol is a huge factor.

July 4th

Independence Day is a great time to celebrate with friends and family, but that’s also a reason this day is consistently dangerous.


This is one of the biggest travel days of the year, and for that reason, it’s on the list.


The stress of the holidays mixed with heightened alcohol consumption and increased travel can make Christmas hazardous for drivers.

St. Patrick’s Day

Dangerous combination – more vehicles on the road with a greater average of inebriated drivers.

Memorial Day weekend

When summer kicks off, drivers hit the road. And with more time off work and the added presence of cars, your odds of an accident go up.

See the common thread here? Celebration, alcohol consumption and high traffic.

Any time you get a combination like that, be sure to take extra precaution and heighten your defensive driving senses. If you find yourself in trouble on one of these days or any other day of the year, the legal experts at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys can help – on your side and dedicated to getting you back on track.