St. Joseph Truck Accidents Rise in Spring

truck accident

As the weather improves, so do plans to get out and hit the highway. But added traffic can increase your chances of being involved in an accident. One accident you should pay close attention to is that which involves a large truck. There are over 100,000 large truck accidents annually, resulting in over 60,000 injuries. So it’s important to keep your senses while on the road. Following the simple steps below can dramatically increase your chances of having a safe trip.

Lane Changes

Keep your lane changes slow and consistent. Trucks have multiple blind spots, and they’re much larger than you, so weaving in and out of traffic could eventually cause an accident with a larger, much more dangerous vehicle than your own.

Keep Your Distance

A respectable distance increases everyone’s reaction time. Whether you’re in front or behind, be sure to give drivers space to react to what’s ahead. Slamming on your brakes ahead of them or the lack of visibly from behind due to following to closely could lead to trouble.

Turn Signals and Headlights

There’s no better way to let someone know you’re there and what your intentions are than staying visible. Always use turn signals when changing lanes and flip those headlights on even during dawn and dusk.


Maintain a steady speed when alongside, behind or in front of a large truck. Rapid movement is never good because the truck’s size and weight takes much longer to respond.

On Foot

When walking, be sure to follow traffic signals carefully. A truck’s high seat position isn’t the best for spotting pedestrians crossing or walking alongside the street. It’s always best to assume they can’t see you.

You can never be too safe when sharing the road with something as big as a commercial truck.

Following the steps above can greatly increase your chances of a safe trip. But, if you do find yourself a victim of a truck accident, be sure to contact attorneys for St. Joseph, Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys. Our in-depth legal expertise and knowledge of truck-related accidents will help get you back on the road for the next big trip.