Driving Tips for Graduates and Parents to Stay Safe This Graduation Season

traffic in rain

Graduation can be a crazy time for students and parents. So you’ll need all the help and advice you can get to make it through safely. One of the biggest dangers for college students is the time they spend behind the wheel. And with all of the distractions and excitement surrounding graduation, it’s now more important than ever to pay attention to the little things and be prepared for any situation. Here are a few tips for students – and parents – to keep everyone safe on the road.

For Graduates

  • Never drink and drive
  • Never get in the car with someone you suspect is under the influence of anything
  • Be responsible
  • Watch out for your friends, and be sure they’ll do the same for you
  • Never be afraid to call your parents or a trusted adult

For Parents

  • Know who will be driving your child to and from any party or event they will be attending
  • Remind your child that, no matter what, they can always call you for help or a safe ride home
  • Ask questions, keep in contact and know their plans
  • Set a curfew and give them a simple list of easy rules to follow

At such a hectic time, it’s important to remember the little things. The smallest mistake at a time like this could result in lifelong repercussions.

Now is a great time to run through our list or a list of your own that will ensure safety. With a big life ahead, it’s up to both students and parents to ensure graduates capitalize on all of their hard work. If you have any questions or find yourself in a situation that requires legal assistance, the experts at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys for St. Joseph can help you get through. Having decades of legal expertise on your side, especially an in-depth understanding of auto-related incidents, can make your situation much more understandable and manageable.