Parking Lot Car Accidents — Car Accident Attorneys Practicing in Kansas City

cars in parking lot

Parking lots are filled with countless distractions that can lead to accidents. Vehicles are constantly on the move parking, backing out, leaving the lot, or entering. Adding to the chaotic atmosphere are pedestrians, children, and shopping carts weaving in and out of traffic. Thankfully, most accidents in these areas involve low-speed collisions and fender benders. However, this doesn’t mean we should take safety in parking lots for granted.

If you are involved in a parking lot accident, our car accident attorneys want you to remember these important safety tips.

  • Move Your Vehicle to Safety
    To prevent an additional accident, move your cars out of traffic. If this is unsafe because of excessive damage or lack of space, then turn on your emergency flashers and exit the vehicle.
  • Are There Any Injuries?
    Make sure pedestrians and drivers are ok. Never try to move a severely injured person by yourself. Call for medical assistance immediately, and let the EMT crews treat accident victims.
  • Call the Police
    “The police will write an official report, which could help in a settlement,” says Mike Wyatt, car accident attorney. “This is especially important if the other motorist was driving drunk or distracted. However, if the parking lot was on private property, then the police might not write a report. This is why you should record every detail possible of the accident.”
  • Collect Information
    Use your phone to take pictures of any damage. Talk to witnesses, and write down the time, date, location, weather and parking lot conditions. Exchange names, phone numbers, emails, and relevant insurance information with the other driver. Without this information it will be difficult to receive a fair resolution from insurance companies or in a legal settlement.
  • Call Your Insurance Company
    Your insurance carrier will investigate and estimate the damages to your automobile, and review all your options.
  • Seek Legal Representation
    “Since most parking lots are private property, there are no uniform laws for determining fault,” explains Mike. “Parking lot car accidents can be complicated with many factors, laws, and parties involved.”

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