Louise and Glendon - Defended by Your Attorneys in Hutchinson

children getting on school bus

Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys always puts the needs of the client first. Our attorneys in Hutchinson have helped countless of victims recover after devastating accidents. On September 23, 2004, a school bus was T-boned by a semi truck. Six school children were seriously injured — Glendon was paralyzed. Immediately following the accident, there were several parties that wanted money.

“There were 3 different insurance companies involved,” explains Scott Mann. “There was the school, semi truck, and bus driver. One insurance company wouldn’t pay before the other. In the meantime, the victims and their families were not getting the help they needed.”

Louise, Glendon’s mother, knew something needed to be done immediately for her son and the other school children. She found Scott through a mutual friend, but she was nervous about talking to a lawyer. These fears were put to rest immediately after meeting Scott for the first time.

“You think of attorneys as ‘uptight’ or distant, but this isn’t the case with Scott,” says Louise. “He is genuinely friendly, honest and down to earth. Scott is easy to talk to and takes away the fear. He is always quick to respond to help.”

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Scott helped the 6 injured students and their families find justice. He made sure the insurance companies upheld their obligations, and figured out how to pay the huge medical bills. “Scott helped us in all aspects of the case,” says Louise. “He explained complex legal issues in a way that was easy to understand. He also deciphered the mediator’s explanation of the settlement.”

Although the case was successfully settled over 10 years ago, Scott still makes time for Louise and Glendon even if they don’t have an appointment. “He helped us through a terrible time in our lives,” says Louise. “Scott is a friend first and a lawyer second.”

Our attorneys in Hutchinson are dedicated to your recovery and individual care. It would be our honor to serve you and your family through this difficult time in your lives.