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Semi-trucks and tractor trailers create terrible damage when they collide with smaller vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 317,000 large trucks caused nearly 4,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries in 2012. The NHTSA’s definition of a “large truck” is one that weighs over 10,000 lbs. When they have an accident with your car it can cause tragic injuries and death. The experienced Salina Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys have tackled countless trucking accident cases for over 35 years. In order to grasp why this problem is so common, let’s examine the leading factors that cause these terrible trucking accidents.

Our Salina Trucking Accident Lawyers Typically See These Factors Contributing to Trucking Accidents

Tractor trailers and other large trucks unfortunately don’t follow industry safety standards, and are not consistently inspected for maintenance. This carelessness results in large trucks experiencing critical malfunctions on the road. This causes horrific accidents, because these big rigs are often driving with bad brakes and substandard tires. The uneven weight of the truck’s cargo is also a frequent contributor to trucking accidents. Often times, large trucks are improperly loaded with disproportionate weight distribution in their beds. This makes it hard for a tractor trailer to keep upright, let alone stay in one lane when it’s been haphazardly loaded.

The number one cause of trucking accidents is truck driver error. Challenged with short delivery deadlines and pressed for time, truck drivers spend long stretches on the road without adequate sleep. Their extreme exhaustion (and sometimes substance abuse), results in careless risk-taking and the inability to judge traffic effectively. When this deadly combination comes into contact with other vehicles, the results are often tragic. Inclement weather such as snow and rain, also has a dangerous affect on the capability of large trucks to safely travel on busy roads. When an icy or wet blacktop surface combines with a large truck’s bad tires, a disastrous result is almost imminent. If you’ve experienced an accident, call the Salina Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys to discuss your case. Our Salina Trucking Accident Lawyers are ready to help get your life back on track!