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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a “large truck” as a truck that weighs 10,000 lbs. or more, and when it collides with your vehicle it can cause severe injury or death. In 2012, The NHTSA reported that almost 4,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries were caused by accidents involving 317,000 large trucks. For almost four decades, the Dodge City Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys have fought for clients in countless trucking accident cases. Let’s look at some of the primary factors that contribute to trucking accidents, so we can better understand why this is such a common problem.

Our Dodge City Trucking Accident Lawyers Typically See These Factors Contributing to Trucking Accidents

The way a large truck is loaded makes a huge difference in its ability to operate. Uneven cargo distribution is a frequent cause of trucking accidents. It’s often the case that large trucks are loaded haphazardly with imbalanced weight distribution. This causes several problems for big-rigs including basic tasks such as staying in a single lane, and keeping their flatbeds upright as they barrel down the highway. Making matters worse, tractor trailers and other large trucks are not regularly inspected for maintenance. They don’t follow industry safety standards, and this carelessness results in serious malfunctions during critical times. These large trucks are often driving with defective brakes and damaged tires, which cause horrific accidents with other automobiles.

It’s a recipe for disaster when the worn tires of a truck carrying a heavy load drives on a road surface covered with water or ice. Inclement weather, such as snow or rain, has a serious negative affect on the ability of large trucks to drive safely on the road. However, the leading cause of trucking accidents is tied directly to the truck driver. With rushed deadlines and very little time to make their deliveries, truck drivers push the issue by spending long stretches driving without sleep. Faced with extreme exhaustion (and occasionally substance abuse), truck drivers lose their ability to gauge traffic and take unnecessary risks. The results are often tragic when they encounter other vehicles on the road. The expert Dodge City Trucking Accident Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys are here to help! If you’ve experienced a trucking accident, call our Dodge City Trucking Accident Lawyers to discuss your case!