Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys Have Been Recognized by the Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine

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Visitor from the doomed plant of Krypton! Leaping tall buildings in a single bound and out-racing speeding bullets! It’s Superman! Well, maybe it’s the next best thing – meet Super Lawyer! You may think we’re goofing around, but this is actually serious business. Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys are recognized Kansas Super Lawyers and we couldn’t be more proud! So what does this exactly mean? Two of our attorneys have been selected as Super Lawyers after passing a strenuous selection process conducted by the Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine. Still think we’re pulling your leg? Alright, let’s get serious and discuss why we’re so proud of the honor, and what being recognized Kansas Super Lawyers means for your case!

Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys Provides Elite Services to All of Our Clients, Gaining Recognition from the Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine

Super Lawyers are selected from a pool that represents over 70 areas of legal practice. Using 12 levels of criteria, candidates are then appraised on high professional achievement, and the level of respect received from their peers. The published directory of the chosen few is then sent to ABA-accredited law school libraries in addition to regional and state attorneys. The regional Super Lawyers are also extensively featured in prominent publications in all the major cities of the United States. It’s a tough process, and Super Lawyers earn their titles by passing this elite multiphase selection process, which includes research conducted by a neutral third party to verify their credentials.

Our very own Scott Mann and Michael Wyatt were named to the Super Lawyer List in the Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine. Michael Wyatt, one of the three attorneys at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys, was selected as a Super Lawyer in 2012. He was recognized as an elite Rising Star, which means he was among only 2.5% of all lawyers in Kansas under the age of 40 to become a Super Lawyer. Michael has the complete respect of his peers on a personal and professional level. What truly makes Michael “Super” is his passion for helping others by improving their lives one case at a time. The purpose of creating the Super Lawyers list was to provide a trustworthy, all-encompassing resource for clients to find the best lawyers for their case. The recognized Kansas Super Lawyers at Mann Wyatt Tanksley Injury Attorneys are here to help you! Give us a call and let’s start talking about ways to win your case!