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motorcycle accident

The quickened pace of the modern world has left many drivers severely distracted and less capable of seeing motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents have not decreased over the years despite increased public awareness of the prevalence of motorcycle accidents. Highway safety experts believe an increasing epidemic of distracted drivers have made the road much more dangerous for motorcyclists due to cell phones, smart phones, tablets, in-car technology, and other communications devices. Drivers should be paying 100% of their attention to the road but they often do not see motorcyclists because of their distractions.

Distracted driving is not likely to improve in the foreseeable future so a motorcyclist’s best approach to avoiding catastrophic injury in a motorcycle collision is to employ defensive driving. Many motorcycle accidents can be prevented with loud pipes and extra bright headlamps, according to the advice of experts. Always assume drivers do not see your motorcycle and drive defensively as the most effective and basic advice.

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Specific laws apply to your case if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident due to somebody else’s fault, which will affect the amount of your compensation in Kansas. When it comes to an insurance company’s valuation of your motorcycle accident case, there could be biases to overcome. Call your Kansas City Kansas injury firm today at 877-768-2400 for a free consultation with advice about your claim and the case’s value!