Should I Post Things on Line About My Case?

FAQ: Should I post things on line about my case?
Answered by Mitch Rice

Movies and TV shows commonly feature storylines that include social media or websites as they can relate to criminal cases. However, it’s important to know that information or images posted online can also have an impact on personal injury cases.

The Mann, Wyatt & Rice Injury Attorneys in Kansas City have, unfortunately, seen personal injury cases lost due to information or images posted on social media.

“We advise clients to be very cautious about any social media,” said Kansas City personal injury Attorney Mitch Rice. “A simple picture of you and your family on vacation can be taken, printed, shown to a judge and made out to be something more than it is.”

Although many people might think their social media settings would prevent people other than close friends from seeing their information or images, you can never be too careful. To avoid affecting the outcome of your personal injury case, it would be wise to stay off social media entirely and to refrain from posting anything online, such as in a comment.

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