Actual Client

I was injured in a head-on auto collision while working. A local attorney recommended I hire attorney Scott Mann. I met with Scott and he assured me he could help with all of the different claims. First he settled the auto claim for the driver’s $50,000 policy limit. Next, he made sure I got all of my medical treatment completed, and paid for by the workers compensation insurance company and that I was able to return to work. Scott obtained a $75,000 Award from the workers compensation judge, that included lifetime medical. I was still concerned the cost of future medical treatment and keeping my job. Scott recommended I wait a few years, and then he obtained a settlement from my employer’s auto insurer for an additional $380,000. Finally four years after my accident, I asked Scott to attempt to negotiate settlement of my workers compensation claim and future medical, and we settle for an additional $180,000. All together Scott collected over $750,000 in compensation, including payment of all of my medical bills, and I best of all I have never lost my job. Scott was patient and willing to wait, and work to get the best results for me! I would recommend Scott to anyone that has suffered a serious injury.