Dodge City Attorney Spotlight: Mitch Rice

mitch rice

Mitchell Rice’s passion is assisting people who the legal system has forgotten. He explains, “I feel like I’m making the most difference when I take an injured client’s denied case and turn it into a success story.” Although Mitch has received awards for his professional achievements, that’s not what defines his success. The reason why Mitch Rice practices law is because he wants to find justice for those who can’t help themselves.

Mitch handled personal injury claims as an insurance adjuster prior to law school. He was able to witness firsthand how insurance companies were not giving people the help they needed. After being encouraged by retired judge and WSU professor Fred Benson, Mitch decided to enter law school. He received his Juris Doctorate from the Washburn University School of Law, and embarked on his professional career. Mitch handled a wide variety of case types and was able to follow his passion for protecting the injured.

Because of his previous work with insurance companies, Mitch Rice knows all their tricks and how to protect his clients from unfair practices.

After 10 years as a professional attorney, Mitch joined Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley after meeting fellow Hutchinson native Scott Mann. Mitch and Scott both share a united view of how the legal system serves the people: “If someone needs help, we help,” says Mitch. “It isn’t about the money.”

Of all the cases that Mitch has handled over the years, the cases that stand out the most involve children. There was a 2-year-old girl who was injured after falling off a horse, but her case was denied by several other firms. Her story touched Mitch and he took the case after speaking with her family. It was another instance of Mitch transforming a denied case into a success story. He even developed a friendship with the girl’s family that lasts today. Every client is treated with humanity and respect. Mitch keeps all of his clients up-to-date on their cases during the entire process. It’s also the reason why each and every one of Mitch’s clients have his personal cell number. Call Mitch Rice at Mann, Wyatt & Tanksley for Dodge City today. He wants to hear your case and lend a helping hand.